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Just got home from my first massage by Shannon. I got the prenatal massage and OMG it was amazing. She is very caring and passionate, always made sure I was ok with the amount of pressure she was using. I will definitely be a regular client!

-Jazzy B

At sixty years of age and having done my share of triathlons, as well as having numerous massages, Shannon is at the top. She is  very capable of listening to how you describe the issues you have and then actually apply her skills accordingly. My issue is chronic back pain as a result of a herniated disk between L4 & L5. I was very surprised to get some real relief.

-David White

My husband and I come to Maricopa to escape the cold winter months of Iowa. I have found an additional reason to visit Maricopa; relief from pain. I had a three level vertebral fusion of my neck April, 2000. This is my sixteenth year of pain following this surgery.  I am a nurse and have searched continuously for answers to help relieve this pain. This year I found Shannon's business, Hands of Silk.

Shannon has given me a plethora of answers for my chronic pain. Her therapeutic skills are better than any massage therapist I have met!  Shannon has helped me appreciate quality living again. Her education offers an array of help. With Shannon's advice, I began a new therapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy (CST). This therapy focuses on another area of the body that can relieve pain, the spinal fluid. CST is proven by research, testimonials, years of use by therapists and observation of professionals.

The people of Maricopa are very fortunate to have such a gifted professional living among them! I have benefited immensely!

If you need help to feel better, I highly recommend Shannon's expertise.

-Ellen P.
-Orange City Iowa

I've been seeing Shannon Ellis LMT for several months now and she is very good at what she does.  Shannon is always on time and gives several types of massage.  When the neuropathy in my feet is acting up, I get a Swedish massage from Shannon and then she works on my feet which helps a lot. She does deep tissue on my shoulders and back; she massages and raises my arms as necessary.  If Shannon goes too deep, I just say something and she gives me more gentle massage as necessary. She also does cranial sacral work on my head. She takes a few minutes to center herself and within minutes of her doing this therapy on my head, I'm sound asleep.  She is also only ten minutes from my house which is great.

Her website lists her services and the pricing which is very affordable.  If you live in Maricopa and need a terrific massage Hands of Silk is where you need to go.

-Suzanne Larsen
-Maricopa Arizona

The best massage for all your aches and pains to just relax.  I love the cranial massage that helped relieve my thyroid issue.  The therapeutic massage took me for pain and stiffness to feeling refreshed and feeling pain free.  The Swedish has left me relaxed and happy.  Shannon is knowledgeable and professional.  She truly cares about her patience and their needs.

-Monica M.
-Maricopa Arizona

Hands of Silk is professional, punctual, and regularly delivers above and beyond service. I highly recommend them to anyone in need of massage services. Shannon's proficiency and compassion have made her my go-to for all of my massage therapy needs.

-Janean Jump
-Maricopa Arizona

Due to poor posture at the computer, I had developed a severe pain in my neck and shoulder. After a few weeks of this, Tylenol stopped helping and I was near tears at night trying to sleep through the pain. Then I saw Shannon Ellis and tried Craniosacral Therapy. She moved her fingers along my spine, and to my surprise, she found pressure points that radiated out and touched the pain in my neck and shoulder. She worked these pressure points rather than the exact spot of my pain, and I was dumbfounded when halfway through the session, the pain was GONE. I then became aware of an odd pulsing sensation moving up and down my body, which I associated with the cerebral spinal fluid flowing more easily through my body. At the same time, Shannon placed her hands under me, sensed that very same pulse, and then moved her hands in rhythm with the pulse, as if supporting the renewed free flow of these energies. It sounds surreal, but it is honestly what I experienced.

After this highly successful session, she taught me some stretches that I can easily utilize to help prevent the pain from returning. These techniques work. I am impressed by Shannon’s depth of knowledge of how the body works, her keen intellect, and her intuitiveness. I plan to continue with this specialized therapy, because I sense it has more to offer on an emotional level (I suffer from debilitating depression and PTSD). Shannon is truly gifted and I’m grateful she shares her gifts with the rest of us!

-Diana Ellis
-Tucson Arizona

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Shannon Ellis with Hands of Silk Massage is AWESOME! Definitely going to be on my regular pampering list. Definitely found all of my areas of stress, which was nice, and also educated me on what to do after the massage and before my next one. Definitely will be back.

-Dawniele Castellanos
-Maricopa Arizona

I injured my sciatic nerve training for a long distance run.  After 6 weeks of physical therapy, I still wasn't back to running, so I turned to sports massage.  Shannon has helped me get back on my feet.  As a stay-at-home mom, sports massage has helped me tremendously in my day-to-day activities, as well as my workouts!

-Marne Stover
-Maricopa Arizona

I have been going to Shannon for about a year and have been very pleased. It is a comfortable space, she is pleasant, and she does a good job of focusing on the areas I need the most within the time allotted. She is also sensitive to the pain I get from fibromyalgia.

-Francine Foreman

-Maricopa Arizona

I went to Hands of Silk when I was having terrible lower back and hip pain, and after an AMAZING massage from Shannon, I went home feeling so much better and the back spasms were gone! It not only got rid of the awful back pain, but her massage actually made me drool a was that good! Keep up the awesome work, Shannon. You KNOW I'll be back!

-Kristi North Lawrence
-Maricopa AZ.

I have seen Shannon for both a relaxing massage and to help with sore muscles from exercising and everyday stress.  I can honestly say that she leaves me feeling so much better than when I walked in.  The deep tissue massages are my favorite!  They hurt a bit during the massage and you are sore the next day, but it is so worth it!  Every time I need her to help my muscles, she gets in there and works out all my problems!  Shannon really knows what she’s doing and she cares about me as a client!   

-Lisa Edwards
-Maricopa, Arizona

Shannon is SUPER fabulous!!! She has worked "miracles" for my hubby and me!!! Thanks for sharing your talent with us Shannon! :)

-Denise Harris Walsh
-Maricopa AZ.

Shannon is fabulous! It has taken me a little time to realize massage is necessary not a luxury.

-Natalie Grant Richardson
-Maricopa AZ.

This has been the best therapy i have done. I have klippel feil syndrome it is a neck deformity. My doctor made a suggestion for medical massages to see how it will work. So i took him up on it and found Shannon Ellis, I was scared to try deep tissue massage because I know at this time my body could not take this so I tried cranial massage and it is the best thing i have done. I wake up with no pain in the mornings and also I am feeling nerves firing off in my legs. For 14 yrs i have not been able to feel the nerves now I am feeling it and it is amazing. I can feel my fingernails on my legs and the sheets on my legs. So this is a amazing development. Use to I would accidentally cut my legs and people would have to tell me I was bleeding, or I have bruises on my legs and i did not know how they got there. Thank you Shannon and I cant wait for the next visit

-Shirley Quereshi
-Maricopa, Arizona

I have to share that Shannon Ellis is the BEST Massage Therapist I have ever used.  If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting her you are really missing out.  She is in our Moms Club and owns her own massage therapy business.  She works right out of her home here in Maricopa.

Shannon has helped me tremendously with some deep tissue work and really prepared me for the PF Chang's 1/2 marathon.  I hear she gives a nice relaxing massage as well.     So give her a call and schedule your massage today!  You'll thank me later!

-Carrie Hinton
-Maricopa, Arizona

Shannon has been my massage therapist for over 6 years now when and I feel really lucky to have met her. She truly has magical hands! Every time especially after a deep tissue massage, (the massage I dreaded and I have come to love), when I am very sore from the gym, I feel terrific! Shannon really goes in way deep, stretches you and works those ‘ouch!’ pecks out! This is of course to my comfort level. She is able to assess my body aches, listen well to what I say as well as having a knack of knowing what I need for the most relief.

I really like this honest, sincere approach about her, as previous massage therapists have not really suggested or focused on what I need for maximum benefit and instead have just worked with what I thought I needed. This makes a huge difference!!

The whole massage experience with Shannon is more than well worth the money!! The effects and healing I receive each time from it goes on for a long while. I am so sad that I have moved away but every time I am in Phoenix, I make sure I visit her!  

-Meera Shah-Whipple
-San Diego, California