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The Lightbody Connection and Activation is a technique and process for the Spiritual Light Integration. Light Body Activation opens avenues formerly sealed between our 3-dimensional body temple and the expanded multi-dimensional energy interface. It heals damaged energy channels and fills in and replenishes the aura, providing greater strength and resiliency to the entire energy matrix. 

A twelve – level model is used for the Lightbody Connection. You are sitting in the 3rd level which is matter based. The 4th level is called the astral plane and it’s emotionally based. Together these two make up what is called the Lower Creation World. These dimensions are where games of separation are carried out regarding good and evil. It is in this plane where you can feel separation from Spirit or Source as well as from each other.

What is absolutely essential to activation is that each increases the vibrational frequency of the "personal" electromagnetic field, enabling it to stabilize at that new, higher frequency, creating the potentiation for pulling in and metabolizing more light, as well as handle the intensified energies that are now bombarding the planet. 

The planet vibrates at the level of mid-astral and for many there are times it may feel like a dream state. You’re never sure whether you are awake or asleep. While you’re dreaming you will become lucid and fully conscious in that state. You will be fully aware of moving back and forth between different realities. All feel equally real to you. 

Light body activation can boost one's ability to function multi-dimensionally, opening the individual to enhanced access to higher frequency energies, to one's Higher Self and other Illuminated beings as guides, and to higher dimensional knowledge and guidance through elevated clarity, improved lucid dream function, intuition, etc. The effects of activation vary widely depending on many individual factors including one's starting point, the intentions set, and how one chooses to work with the energies available..

Lightbody Connection and Activation