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Benefits of Infant Massage

Infant and Child Massage is a beautiful and loving way to begin a lifelong relationship with your little ones. Nurture this relationship with your child and increase your bonding through the language of touch and the gift of relaxation. During this instruction you will experience the benefits of massage for your infant or child and for yourself. Through supervised hands-on practice and instructor demonstration you will learn the incredible benefits of infant/child massage and how to provide a basic full-body massage to your infant and or child. You will experience the increased connection, joy, and relaxation that the regular practice of infant/child massage can bring to your family. It is taught with a loving touch and offers many benefits for both infants and parents.

This massage will both relax and sooth your infant. Infant/Child Massage deepens the bonding and attachment between parent and child, and will also increase your confidence and the sensitivity to your baby’s cues. Regular massage stimulates the growth and healthy development of your baby’s body, mind and spirit, along with enhancing your ability to understand you baby’s special needs.

Medical research of Infant and Child Massage has shown that massage has been beneficial in the areas of relieving discomfort from Gas, Colic, and Constipation. It improves blood circulation and aids in respiratory and digestive systems. Infant massage enhances the development of the child’s nervous system, enhances the immune system, as well as stimulating neurological development. It also facilitates muscle tone, development and coordination. Massage increases alertness, heightened awareness, reduces stress hormones, improves immune function and the release of oxytocin (the Nurturing hormone). 

Infant and Child Massage