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 Gua Sha /IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization) is a a technique that treats injuries to the musculoskeletal system that can commonly occur as a direct result of trauma, repetitive overuse, poor posture, guarding , muscle imbalances and more commonly surgery- scar tissue.  
Many refer to this beneficial technique as "scraping". 

A tool is used during IASTM Gua sha with lubrication and stretching . 

Although this treatment is not painful, it can commonly cause 
"petechiae"  (much like Cupping Therapy), which resembles a small bruise/ rash. GUA ="scrape" Sha= red rash. This encourages Fibroblast which plays a key role in healing and helps to increase collagen while working with our Lymphatic systems by draining excess fluid to help move toxins out of our bodies. 

Our bodies have a sheath of connective tissue called Fascia. Gua Sha aids in restoring circulation to the fascia while breaking up tension and tightness.  Gua sha increases blood circulation within the tissues. 
Studies show: 

• Treated ligaments were 43.1% stronger, and could absorb 57.1% more energy before failure, than contralateral, injured, non treated ligaments at 4 weeks post injury. • Accelerated ligament healing and collagen formation

​​Caution:  Please notify your therapist immediately if you suffer from any of the following as it can impact your therapeutic results.

-Heart disease
-Blood thinning medication such as Coumadin
-Thin skin 
-open wounds 
-sun burn
-Bleeding disorders such as leukemia, anemia and thrombocytopenia 
-bone fractures, trauma to the body and any other acute injuries w/out a Dr.'s note 

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