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Hands of Silk Massage

This powerful modality aligns the body’s electromagnetic grids, and then connects these grids to the main energy centers for optimum health and vitality.  Restore and balance the body’s axiatonal lines, electromagnetic grids, skin receptors, spin points, meridians, chakras and connections with the star systems and the earth's grids to create opportunities for optimum health and vitality and to prepare the body for connection and activation of the Lightbodies.

Our first session: Cleaning and Clearing the Chakra’s.

The vortexes of energy and the chakra your body creates is the power that animates your being. Each vortex your body creates is a transmitter and receiver of electromagnetic patterns of energy. These vortexes serve as channels for the energy to enter your system. The first three Chakra's are of earth expressions, the last three are of spiritual expressions, and the heart is the go-between. Your seven main Chakra's correspond to specific glands, organs, and facets of your being. When blocked or damaged physical and emotional issues can arise.

Our second session: Checking Chakra's

Checking of the Axiotonal lines for breaks which may lie along and connect to the acupuncture meridians. Similar to how the body uses the heart, veins and arteries to circulate blood and oxygen to all the areas of the body. The meridians serve as the circulatory system for energy. The meridians are rivers of chi which flow throughout the physical body. The more breaks and blockages found in the meridians create poor energy flow throughout the body preventing the needed circulation of energy to the body's organs, glands and cells. The side effects of this poor circulation pose potential for physical, mental and emotionally illnesses.

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