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Welcome to Hands of Silk Massage

We are proud and honored to be able to provide high quality massages andphysical therapy services to those of Maricopa Arizona.  From the most athletic of individuals to people who simply want to experience the benefits of relaxation and stress relief, to those who need help and therapy after a traumatic experience, with our wide variety of modalities we have services to be able to cover any individuals needs.

For those seeking spiritual empowerment we provide services restoring balance to the body’s axiatonal lines, electromagnetic grids, skin receptors, spin points, meridians, and chakras.  When you are ready, we can assist you in your continuation of spirituality through a technique and process for the Spiritual Light Integration.

what is harmonyThe path to health, wholeness, stress relief, and enjoyment are unique to each of us, and can be discovered by focusing the attention toward our bodies where sensations, feelings, emotions and intuitions abide.  Through a consistent practice of said “focused attention” we learn how to tap into our inner intelligence and make choices leading to a life of integrity, fulfillment, peace and harmony.

Isn’t it time you set aside a moment that is all about you?  What your body wants and what your spirit needs.  After all what is harmony without discovering life’s simple pleasures?  We believe that everyone deserves to know first-hand the power of healing and stress relief through massage therapy.  We encourage those who haven’t experienced the power of touch to come visit us as we immerse your every sense in the art and science of our massages.

The time to relax is when you don't have time for it.
Sidney J. Harris

Considering a massage?Shannon Ellis shows why her Hands of Silk Massage is the way to go. Local actress and resident...

Posted by Hey Maricopa TV on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

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